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The Mono is is compact, easy-to-build microphone preamp kit capable of running on two 9v batteries. The design is opamp based and transformer balanced. The kit comes with the a screen-printed aluminum housing.

Notable Features:

  • Can run on two 9v batteries
  • Small, portable design
  • Provides 18v phantom power while running on batteries
  • Option to use discreet opamps at the expense of using battery power
  • Accepts these input transformers directly:
    • JLM1:4
    • OEP A262A3C, A262A2E, A262A3E, A262A6E, A262A7E.
    • Lundahl LL1538, LL1538XL, LL1576, LL1577, LL1578XL.
    • Jensen JT-11K8-APC, JT-110K-HPC, JT-115-EPC, JT-MB-CPCA.
    • Beyer 8mm threaded bolt types.
    • Cinemag CM-75101APC, CMMI-8-PCA.
  • Accepts these opamps directly:
    • JLM99v, Hybird, 990C, 992, 993. (No battery power)
    • OPA2604A. (Allows for battery power)

Price:$150.00 AUD

Adjusted Cost: From $200 AUD

The Mono accepts numerous transformer and opamp options, as providing a choice for either 9v battery (alkaline or rechargeable) or 48v power. The least expensive configuration is to use the JLM1:4 input transformer (+$40 AUD), OPA2604 opamp (+$10 AUD), and alkaline batteries. This configuration costs $200 AUD without batteries.

More information available at www.jlmaudio.com