JLM INX5 Balanced/Unbalanced Interface

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The INX5 is a version of the JLM dINg0 interface with new features and adapted for the 51x/500-series format. The basic dINg0 functionality is to convert an unbalanced input to a balanced output and vice versa. The INX5 can also be used to provide the audio path for a 51x/500-series compressor, mic preamp, or equalizer.


  • Accepts discreet opamps or DIP8 integrated circuits
  • Easy ribbon connection for JLM’s Go Between or MAC compressor kits
  • Accepts JLM111DC output transformer or any API-style iron
  • Includes pin 11 output for Radial Workhorse’s mix function
  • True bypass relay for use with compressors or EQs

Price: $49.95 for kit without opamps or transformer
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