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The MAC Opto is a compact, solid-state, optical-compressor kit with minimal controls. The kit must be paired with a JLM dINgO kit, which provides the balancing and audio path. An optional MAC Link kit allows one to combine two MAC optos to make a stereo unit.

Notable Features:

  • 3-position compression ratio toggle (1:2, 1:4, 1:8)
  • 3-position high-pass filter toggle (100hz/200hz/off)
  • Threshold and makeup gain pots
  • dINgO kit accommodates DIP8 ICs or 990/2520-style discreet opamps
  • Option for output transformer


  • $90 AUD for MAC Opto kit
  • $20 AUD for MAC Link kit
  • $50 AUD for dINgO kit

Adjusted Cost: $1,095 AUD for stereo unit

JLM offers the MAC Rack Kit, which includes everything needed to build a stereo MAC Opto unit with JLM 99v opamps, JLM111DC output transformers, power supply, rack case, and VU meters for $1,095 AUD.

More information available at www.jlmaudio.com.