JLM Audio Kraftwerk Power Supply

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The Kraftwerk can supply power for up to two 11-space 500-series or 51x racks. It features extensive fail-safes (see the features section below) designed to protect vulnerable components such as discrete opamps, and highly flexible configuration options.

JLM Kraftwerk Features:

  • 5 power rails @ 1.5mA each- three +, two –
  • Power rail tracking to stop pops/thumps during power up/down
  • Power rail auto-shutdown in case of independent + or – failure
  • 13200uF of smoothing capacitance per voltage rail
  • RoHS gold HASL-plated PCB with thick copper
  • small footprint (4.76″ x 2.34″)


  • $79.50 for full kit
  • $120.50 fully assembled/tested unit
  • add’l $39.50 for heatsink

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