JLM Audio BA500 Mic Preamp

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Joe Malone’s classic Baby Animal microphone preamp adapted for the 500-series and 51x Alliance formats. Like the original Baby Animal, the BA500 allows DIYers to choose their own sound from the variety of compatible opamps and transformers.


  • Compatible with 500-series and 51x Alliance racks
  • Accepts dozens of opamp/transformer combinations
  • Provides 60dB of gain
  • Discrete FET DI
  • Phase, pad, and phantom power controls
  • VU meter


  • $195 for basic kit (does not include DI, opamp, or transformers)
  • $40 for FET DI
  • $40 for JLM14 input transformer
  • $65 for JLM111DC ouput transformer
  • $40 for JLM99v discrete opamp

Purchasing and more info: