JLM 1290 Micro Preamp

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The 1290 Micro is a kit based on the preamps found in the Neve 1073 modules. The kit is a combination of two prebuilt modules and a motherboard which is populated by the DIYer. JLM offers an OEP input transformer and their own output transformer, but also leaves the user the option to source their own.

Notable Features:

  • Comes with prebuilt preamp-gain and output-amp modules
  • OEP input and JLM output transformers (optional)
  • Go-between and Go-between PLUS kits (offered separately) accomodate numerous transformers
  • Runs on a single +48v power rail
  • Optional FET or opamp DI add-on kit

Price: $295 AUD

Adjusted Cost: $679.50 AUD/channel (two channels)

Although 1290 Micro can be built using host of different transformers and housing options, JLM does offer a two-channel, everything-you-need kit for $1,395 AUD.  The kit contains OEP and JLM iron, a custom 1RU chassis, and a universal power supply and averages out to $679.50 AUD/channel.

For more infomation visit www.jlmaudio.com.