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Jensen, maker of high-end audio transformers, posted a schematic for a balanced line level to unbalanced instrument level converter (AKA reamp) box on their website. Jensen’s DIY reamp is designed for a Jensen transformer (surprise!). While there are no PCBs or step-by-step instructions offered for this project, this simple, passive circuit is a great way to get your feet wet building from a schematic on perfboard.

Jensen DIY reamp schematic

Notable Features:

  • Uses the Jensen JT-11P1 transformer
  • Volume and impedance controls
  • Ground lift switch for eliminating hum

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One thought on “Jensen Amp Interface

  1. 1. According to the AES48 standard, XLR Pin 1 should be first connected to the chassis ground and eventually connected at a single point to ‘0V reference’. I think that in the case of the re-amp box this clause does not apply since the main aim of the reamp box is to isolate.

    2. I am comparing the Jensen schematic and the one for the LINE2AMP RevC V3 and it seems that the two connect Pin 1 at different points. The Jensen schematic connects Pin 1 directly to the chassis at the start whilst the LINE2AMP RevC V3 seems to ground Pin 1 at the other end i.e. at the output jack. Is there a ‘preferred’ way for this?

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