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The Lucidity Preamp is an ulta-clean, digitally controlled microphone preamp PCB based around THAT Corporation’s state-of-the-art 1570/5171 ICs. The PCB is based around Innersonix’s THATDIP adapter, which integrates the surface-mount THAT chips into a single, plug-and-play board. The preamp can be controlled via the Universal Microphone Preamp Controller (UCMP) kit.


  • Precision 1dB gain changes
  • Gain, polarity, pad, and phantom power settings can be recalled
  • Option for single-ended or differential (balanced) output
  • Insert header provides additional output for a variety of applications


  • $20 for preamp PCB
  • $40 for THATDIP adapter
  • $10 for UCMP PCB

Ordering and information:

  • No longer available, the Innersonix website disappeared around 3/2015