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It’s quite easy and inexpensive to build your own inline mic or line passive attenuator within something like the S3FM XLR barrel (image below). Resistor values will vary depending on the dB of attenuation desired and the impedances of the gear on either end.

Uneeda Audio hosts a great tutorial on how to build a pad into an XLR barrel. The page includes build pictures, component values, and pad configurations. Uneeda also offers a PCB that simplifies construction, but does not fit in the Switchcraft barrel. For those struggling with component selection, Ethan Winer has written a small program that calculates resistor values: see his article “Mike Pads and Other Small Devices” at the bottom of the page.


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  1. thats a cool project. is there a way to switch between -20dB and -10dB maybe you guys have a link for me 🙂

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