IJ Research TG12413 51x Limiter

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Igor’s clone of the EMI TG-12413 Zener Limiter for the 51x Alliance format. Igor’s version hews as closely to the original EMI schematic as possible, with a few modern additions. Because of the “beastly” requirements of this unit, Igor’s module is compatible only with the 51x Alliance racks (not 500-series) and requires two slots.


  • Stereo link option
  • Employs a Lundahl LL1524 transformer
  • Compressor and Limiter modes
  • Gain reduction meter
  • New features:
    • Side chain high-pass filter
    • Hold and Attack controls
    • 11 Release positions

No longer available.

  • $560 + shipping for mono kit
  • $1,070 for stereo kit (includes shipping)
  • Kits available only until 9/20/2012

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