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Igor, evil genius behind too many projects to list, has returned from his laboratory Neve/Pultec Frankenstein of an equalizer. Igor’s unit is a passive equalizer in the vein of the classic Pultec EQP1, with a Neve BA283 output module instead of tubes to provide makeup gain. A couple of other new tweaks include stepped pots and an option to run a stereo unit in mid/side mode.

Igor's DIY Pultec Tube EQ

Image courtesy of I.J. Research

Notable Features:

  • Carnhill or custom I.J. Research inductors
  • Stepped potentiometers
  • Neve BA283 output card
  • Simplified wiring
  • MS (mid/side) mode
  • Relay switching

Price: Not currently available.

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  1. trouble1macker202July 4, 2011 If the amp is only 450 watts does that mean it won’t be able to go near the about 1000W peak? Only asking becsaue I want to get a cabinet that can be used at venues, and I’m electronically retarded.

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