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The Neve BA283 was the output amplifier used in classic Neve preamps such as the 1073. I.J. Research’s replica PCB can add makeup gain to many DIY projects, such as a passive EQ or summing unit. Igor used the BA283 in his own ¬†version of the¬†Pultec passive eq.

DIY Neve BA283 preamp PCB

Notable Features:

  • Provides 12-34dB of gain
  • Replicates the Neve BA283

Price: $18 for PCB
More info:

  • Order via Igor’s DIY Recording Market storefront.
  • Info on Neve BA283 component variations from JLM Audio.

One thought on “IJ Research BA283 Preamp

  1. I’m looking to build a Neve style preamp or a (Neve). I have the old style green transformers, the Neve amp cards. What I’m looking for is someone that has done this before and has a parts list, diagrams of the build. Any help would be great. Thanks – Jeff

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