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The 4KCC is Igor Kapelevich’s reproduction of the famed channel compressor and expander/gate from the SSL 4000-series consoles. In addition to being a faithful reproduction of the original, Igor’s version contains the option for an add-on module which will add EQ and transient modification sections. The 4KCC is compatible with both the API 500-series and 51x Alliance formats.


  • Option for AD536 (original) or THAT2252 (inexpensive equivalent) level detector
  • Machined aluminum front panel
  • Runs on +/-16 or +/-24vDC
  • Optional stereo link
  • Switchable “Gate” and “Expander” modes


  • £35 for PCB set

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  1. Hello

    Just finished the build of this module, can any one please help with calibration?


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