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Hakanai Records’ Stereotype is a discrete, active summing mixer that consists of API 2520-based 8-channel input boards and individual pan sections for each channel, all feeding into ClassicAPI’s ACA summing board.

Stereotype MkII Features:

  • Expandable up to 32 input channels (via 4 input boards)
  • Allows for mix insert and stereo mix fader or potentiometer
  • Requires bipolar 15-17V power supply
  • One 2520 discrete op-amp on every channel


  • Input PCBs: $40/each
    • Elna Silmic II caps: $9 per set of 8 (enough for one input PCB)
  • Pan PCBs: $3/each (or $20 per set of 8)
  • ClassicAPI ACA PCB: $17.50
  • Discrete opamps:
    • Gar2520 DIY kit option: ~$15/each (depending on quantity purchased)
    • Scott Liebers 2520 DOA (fully assembled/tested): ~$55/each (depending on quantity purchased)

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