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The Ardmore and Gilmore Jr. kits from Guytronix contain everything needed to build your own boutique, low-watt guitar amplifiers for recording situations. The Ardmore amp puts out 8 watts, while the Gilmore Jr. comes in either a 2 watt or 1/2 watt variation. The kits were designed by Gary Gerhart of the hand-made guitar manufacturer Gerhart Amplification. The Guytronix kits make great first-time projects, as they include a full components kit, pre-drilled housing, and step-by-step instructions.


  • Fully drilled and finished chassis
  • Mercury Magnetics power transformer
  • Custom output transformers from Gerhart Amplification
  • Step-by-step assembly guide
  • Includes everything except solder
  • Support available


  • $375 for Admore kit
  • $315 for Gilmore Jr. 1/2 watt kit
  • $55 for Gilmore Jr. 2 watt converter kit

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