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The Gyraf G1176 was the first recreation of the UA/UREI 1176 specifically for DIYers. The G1176 is based on revision F of the 1176LN, but with some allowances made for modern components.  Instead of the original class-A output stage, the G1176 uses a simpler push-pull circuit.  Instructions, schematics, and PCB etch files are available on the Gyraf website. Because it has been built so many times, this is probably the best supported DIY 1176 project.  Mnats has created the Rev J PCB for this project with some of his own improvements.

Image courtesy of Gyraf Audio

Notable Features:

  • Option for Lundahl input transformer (similar to rev F) or IC input stage (rev G)
  • Documented mod to add “Nuke” or “All buttons” mode

Price: See Mnats Rev J G1176 PCB

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