FiveFish X12 Preamp

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The X-12 is FiveFish’s version of the API sound but with a different signal path, different transformers, and an IC instead of the traditional discrete opamp.

Notable Features:

  • 12-position Grayhill gain switch
  • Bourns output trim pot
  • Uses an IC opamp, but the PCB also provides the option to use 2520-style opamps
  • 5-LED VU Meter

Price: $299

  • $349 for one channel + PSU + power transformer
  • $598 for two channels + PSU + power transformer.

Adjusted Cost: $398 (two channels)

The total cost for a two-channel unit including the X-12 rack case ($190) and two PSU-cables ($4 ea.) is $796, making the adjusted price/channel $398.

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