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Designed by Colin Adshead of Audio Maintenance, the EZ1073 contains both the microphone preamp and EQ section of the original Neve 1073 console module. It is offered as a pre-assembled 500-series unit or as a DIY kit for a rack-mount case.

Notable Features:

  • Switchable line- and mic-level inputs
  • Designed for Carnhill’s reproductions of the original Neve transformers
  • Grayhill switches
  • Full 1073 EQ section

Price: £355.00 for full kit (without chassis)
Recommended transformers and inductors:

Type Part # Manufacturer
Input CA-18-VTB9046 Carnhill
Output CA-18-VTB1847 Carnhill
Inductor CA-18-VTB9043 Carnhill
Inductor CA-18-VTB9044 Carnhill
Inductor CA-18-VTB9050 Carnhill
Power CA-18-VTT2326 Carnhill
Input CA-18-VTB9045 Carnhill

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  1. Hi there! I live in Australia, (I have plenty of family living in the UK though) How much would it cost for a pre-assembled 500 series version of this? I am very interested!

    Many thanks, Edd 🙂

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