ESP Project 96 – 48V Phantom Power Supply

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Whether you are building a preamp (or several), or needing to work with a console/preamp that has no built-in phantom power- ESP founder Rod Elliott’s design for a regulated phantom power supply maintains a low component count, is easily expandable to multiple channels, and keeps a small footprint. In addition, it outperforms many affordable, commercially-available phantom power supplies that rely on using less than 48V, or do not supply enough current.

esp project 96 diy electronics recording phantom power

Phantom Power Supply Features:

  • Regulated phantom power achieved via discrete voltage doubler/rectifier
  • Supplies 48VDC at 100mA (with a potential for up to 200mA, enough to supply phantom power to 20 channels)
  • Each board measures 2.5″ x 1.5″


  • $15 for supply PCB, $15 for preamp/microphone interface board

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