Analog Allstars EQP-1S5 500-Series Pultec EQ

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The EQP1S5 is a passive, solid-state EQ for the 500-series/51x Alliance based on a Pultec design. The EQP1S5 uses the frequency selections from Pultec’s special “S” series and replicates the discrete opamp output stage of the solid-state Pultecs. In order to hew as closely to the original design as possible, the it uses custom-wound molypermalloy, toroidal inductors as well as custom reproductions of the original HS56 transformer.


  • Custom inductors and transformers
  • Wima polypropylene capacitors
  • Grayhill switches
  • Wima polypropaline capacitors
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers
  • Compatible with any 2520-type discrete opamp
  • Includes an adapter board to use an inexpensive monolithic opamp in place of the DOA

Price: $450 for full kit

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