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A portable tone generator that outputs mic level signal can be put to a number of good uses- to make quick work of sorting out long cable runs, troubleshooting cables on the fly, even as a rudimentary test device for your latest preamp build. Using a circuit provided by Rod Elliott of Elliott Sound Products, a DIY tone generator can be both simple to build and affordable.

esp elliott sound products mic test tone generator recording diy audio

Microphone Circuit Test Oscillator Features:

  • Utilizes one dual-opamp (1458, 4558, or LM358)- one stage for the oscillator, the other as an output buffer
  • Oscillation achieved via a simple resistor-capacitor phase shift network; tunable via potentiometer (R1 in the above schematic)
  • Unaffected by phantom power
  • Very low current draw (operates off 9V battery)


  • $20.80 in components, not including enclosure

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  1. Since this circuit is not affected by phantom power, is there any way that this circuit could be modified to indicate if phantom power is present?

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