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The “Iron Projects” are a pair of direct box projects from Eli Audio. The “Iron projects” were conceived out of the need for a simple yet high grade high impedance converter and balancing unit. Eli-Audio was asked to develop a platform for direct injection transformer testing and thus came forth the “Iron One”, a very basic DI-box featuring the footprints for several direct box transformers.

Out of the “Iron One” grew the “Iron Eight”, an eight channel high quality direct injection box in a custom single-unit, anodized, 19-inch enclosure. With the same circuit as the “Iron One” and the same transformer choices.

The “Iron One” was recently reborn as the “Iron Ore” as the basis for all “Iron Projects”. With a single “Iron Ore” PCB you can build anything from a single channel direct injection box up to 16 channels in a dual 19″ unit. To add some taste we added the Carnhill VTB9072 to the list of supporter transformers!

Direct Box Transformer Options:

  • Lundahl LL1935 with a typical frequency response of +0dB/-2dB from 10Hz up to 45kHz!
  • The Jensen JT_DB_EPC, also used by Radial in their JDI.
  • Cinemags CM-DBXPC
  • Carnhill VTB9072


PCBs and full kits are sold by Eli-Audio.


  • “Iron One” PCB: €25

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