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The DIY500 mkII is a framework kit in 500-series format which allows DIYers to make their own configurations of opamps, transormers, and passive components. Eisen’s website does provide a guide for choosing passive the components, but this kit assumes a fairly extensive knowledge of components and part sourcing. As of June, 2011, the DIY500 is discontinued.

Images courtesy of Eisen Audio

Notable Features:

  • Contains a PCB and proprietary components for mounting in a 500-series rack
  • PCB accomodates 45 different opamps, 50+ input transformers, and at least 14 output transformers
  • Blank faceplate
  • 500 series

Price: Sadly discontinued 🙁

More information at www.eisenaudio.com.

Aeromotor Studio’s parts lists for possible DIY500 builds.