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The Opto5 is the latest version of Drip’s LA2a-based optical-compressor PCB.┬áThe Opto5’s most significant upgrade from previous versions is the addition of three release speeds. In addition to the Opto5 PCB,┬áDrip offers preassembled T4B optical cells. Rack cases for this project are sold by DIY-Racked.

Notable Features:

  • Ground plane and full star grounding
  • On board power supply and tube heaters
  • Sowter transformers mount directly to PCB
  • Option for Lundahl LL1922 and LL5402 transformers
  • Employs dual T4B optical cells (also available from Drip)


  • $250 including 3 pairs of T4B cells for each release speed

For more information visit www.dripelectronics.com.