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The Drip Four Seven and Four Seven Micro preamps are exact recreations of the classic British Redd 47 tube preamp. The micro version fits the Redd circuit into a more compact and affordable format.

  • Discreet star grounding
  • Tube compliment:
    • 1 e88cc1
    • ef861
    • gz342
    • 0A2 regulator tubes
  • Accomodates numerous types of passive components including
    • Carbon or metal film resistors
    • ATOM capacitors
    • CDE tc72 capacitors
    • Mundorf silver and oil or polypropylene capacitors
  • PCB accepts Souter’s reproductions of Redd47 input and output transformers
  • Curved PCB traces emulate the electrical response of point-to-point wiring
  • Two choices of on-board power supplies
    • Version 1 is solid-state
    • Version 2 is vacuum tube
  • DI input
  • Three “micro” preamps can fit in a 15″ case


  • $125 for Four Seven PCB
  • $75 for Four Seven Micro PCB
  • Adjusted Cost: The drip website estimates one channel can be finished for under $500

    More information at www.dripelectronics.com.


    3 thoughts on “Drip Electronics Four Seven Tube Preamp

    1. Hoping to find a pair of Drip Four Seven PCBs.

      This is probably a serious longshot, but thought it might be worth a try.

      Was injured badly in 2007, and this is the first time I am able to start to put a few dollars together to even procure the boards.

      So giving it a go just in case.


      John Chase

    2. I’ve got a pair of Drip Ultra 47 PCBs that I bought a few years back that I didn’t get around to starting on. When I finally was ready to start sourcing parts and get on with the build the 47 documentation was gone from the Drip site and I didn’t have any luck emailing Drip about it. Shoot me an email if you’re still interested, my email address is hunterzm AT gmail dot com

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