Don Classics U76A Compressor

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Don Classics U76A Compressor
Building on the success of their NV73 500-series preamp, the latest offering from Don Classics is a 500-series recreation of the famed "Rev. A"/"Bluestripe" 1176 FET compressor. The U76A functions in the exact same manner as the original 1176, even down to integrated power conversion to the original +30V/-10V approach (while still adhering to the VPR 500-series +/-16V standard). It also features input and output transformers from legendary designer Ed Anderson. A PCB, enclosure, and switches are provided as a kit from Don Classics, while Hairball Audio offers most of the remaining parts (transformers, FETs, meter, knobs) in a separate kit. The rest of the components must be builder-sourced, but are easily attainable via Mouser. [gallery link="file" ids="5582,5583,5584"] <strong>U76A Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Same features/layout as original 1176, including "all buttons in" mode</li> <li>Transformers recreated from originals by Ed Anderson</li> </ul> <strong>Price:</strong> <ul> <li>£<strong>149</strong> for Don Classics "raw" kit</li> <li><strong>$155 </strong>for Hairball Audio parts kit</li> <li>additional ~£<strong>116 </strong>in passive components</li> </ul> <strong>More Information:</strong> <ul> <li>Raw kit available from <a href="">Don Classics</a></li> <li>Parts kit available from <a href=";products_id=152">Hairball Audio</a></li> <li>View<a href=""> Mouser cart </a>containing remaining components</li> </ul> &nbsp;

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