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While many options are available for DIYers looking to power their solid-state projects, fewer exist for tube equipment.’s new kit fills this niche with a flexible tube PSU board and kit that includes an anode/plate, heater, and phantom power supply.


  • Compatible with most tube power transformers (separate secondaries are needed for plate and heater)
  • Phantom power is achieved with an optional 12-18VAC secondary
  • Compatible with most rectifier diodes up to 5A
  • Plate/anode supply is achieved using RF740 power MOSFET-based circuit
  • Heater supply is achieved using LM317 adjustable regulator circuit


  • $25 for full kit

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  1. Dude, I’ve had one of these for years now, I’ve just never really used it. It came with a conendser mic I got a long time ago. I’ll have to dig that thing out of the spare gear pile haha.

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