THAT4301 VCA Compressor/Limiter

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Title THAT4301 VCA Compressor/Limiter
This PCB from is based on one of THATcorp's highly thorough and informative datasheets which accompany their 4301 VCA-based dynamics control IC. The resulting compressor/limiter is a high-functioning, transparent-sounding unit. <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-6069" src="" alt="THAT4301-PCB-1-500x500" width="300" height="300" /></a> <strong>Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Threshold, ratio, and gain potentiometers</li> <li>Hard/soft knee and Peak/RMS switches</li> <li>Requires +/-15V power supply (not included)</li> </ul> <strong>Price:</strong> <ul> <li> <h4><strong>$5 </strong>for PCB, $13 for 4301 chip</h4> </li> </ul> <strong>More Information:</strong> <ul> <li>available from <a href=""></a></li> </ul>

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