dBDawg PreQ 500-series Preamp/EQ Kit

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dBDawg Audio are becoming known for their uncanny ability to fit a large amount of functionality into a single 500-series rack unit, and they may have now outdone themselves- combining their CEQ (4-band EQ based on a Calrec console design) with an API-style mic preamp front end. The PreQ is offered as a full DIY kit or an assembled unit.

PreQ Features:

  • Optional stepped gain and Ed Anderson input transformer for preamp section
  • 4 parametric EQ bands, plus switchable high/low pass filters
  • Input/output gain stages
  • Phantom power/phase reverse


  • $700 for DIY kit
  • $1,075 for assembled unit

More Information:

  • Available from the dBDawg store