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The PhPSU1 and PhPSU1b are regulated, multiple-voltage power supplies with an on-board transformer.  Each power supply provides a single low-voltage rail (for LEDs, etc), +/- rails, and a +48v phantom power rail.

Images courtesy of Dantimax

Notable Features:

  • Universal (115/230vac) on-board transformer
  • Voltage and current options for the PhPSU1:
    • Single 5v 600mA (6v and 8v available)
    • +/-12v 100mA (+/-14v available)
    • 48v 100mA
  • Voltage and current for the PSU1b:
    • 5v 600mA (6v and 8v available)
    • +/-12v or +/-15v 100mA
    • 48v 60mA


  • 26.40 € for PhPSU1
  • 31.20 € for PhPSU1b

For more information visit electronics.dantimax.dk.