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Collective Cases creates basic cases in 1RU, 2RU, and 3RU sizes that could be put to use for an infinite number of DIY projects. Cases a pre-drilled for the an IEC power entry, star ground screw, and either mono or stereo XLR holes.

DIY rack cases

Image courtesy of Collective Cases

Notable Features:

  • Cases are black powder coated aluminum
  • 18 gauge metal
  • Rear panel XLR, power entry, and star ground pre-drilled
  • Optional ¬†face plates in powder coated black or plain aluminum
  • Cases are 9″ deep and 17″ wide
  • Vented top and sides


  • $80 for 1RU case
  • $85 for 2RU case
  • $85 for 3RU case
  • $12 for 1RU and 2RU front panels
  • $15 for 3RU front panel

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