CMoy Pocket Headphone Amplifier

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CMoy Pocket Headphone Amplifier
The CMoy is an inexpensive, compact, and easy-to-build headphone amplifier that nonetheless packs some serious power and audio quality. It's a great first project for fledgling DIYers and it no doubt is an improvement over the stock headphone amp of most consumer audio interfaces. The CMoy is also handy for portable recording, as it runs on a 9v battery. <a href=""><img src="" alt="cmoy headphone amp diy" title="cmoy" width="289" height="300" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-3691" /></a> <strong>Notable Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Fits in an Altoid tin</li> <li>Compatible Opamps:</li> <ul><li>OPA2132PA</li> <li>OPA2132P</li> <li>OPA2134PA</li> <li>Many more...</li> </ul> <li>Can run on batteries or a dedicated power supply</li> <li>Low voltages and ample documentation make this a good beginner's project</li> </ul> <strong>Price:</strong> Approx $30-$200 depending on parts <strong>More Information:</strong> <ul> <li>Tangent's phenomenal <a href="">CMoy tutorial</a>. Start here!</li> <li>A <a href="">review</a> comparing the CMoy to the $350 Grado RA1</li> </ul>

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