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The VP25 and VP26 are exact recreations of 70’s API console preamp modules for the 500 series format. The two kits use different output transformers: the VP25 uses the more famous 2503 (same as the 312), while the VP26 uses the more authentic 2623-1, a smaller transformer found in the original console modules. The PCB incorporates the standard 2520 opamp footprint.

Notable Features:

  • 500 series
  • Blank or finished faceplate and mounting bracket included
  • Bourns gain pot
  • Output trim
  • API-style knobs with colored inserts
  • Numerous DIY or prebuilt opamp choices

Price: $197.82-208.78 (+opamps)

VP25 is $208.78 for one channel, and $205.65 each when ordering two or more.  One can also opt for a blank faceplate, which saves $11.13 per unit. The VP26 is $197.82 for one channel, $194.85 each for two or more, and can also be bought with a blank faceplate. Kits do not come with a stock opamp; rather, API offers a few ranging in price from $17.31 to $65.

Adjusted Cost: $272.22/channel (6 channels)

Obviously there are a lot of ways to rack these preamps, but let’s calculate an adjusted price from one possible scenario. When buying two or more VP26s ($183.72) with the Gar2520 kit ($17.50), the price is $201.22/channel. Adding the 6-channel API Lunchbox’s $71 per channel makes the adjusted price $272.22/channel.

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