ClassicAPI BB2521 Hybrid Opamp

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The ClassicAPI BB2521 offers a cost-effective and easy-to-build alternative to discrete op-amps. The design incorporates elements of a traditional discrete op-amp, but with an IC amplifier at its core. The BB2521 can be used in nearly any context where a DOA is needed, including line/mic amps, equalizers, and compressors.

BB2521 Features:

  • Fits API 2520 footprint for through-hole or surface-mount application
  • Can be used with Texas Instruments or Phillips 5534 IC, or Texas Instruments LME4971
  • Operating voltage depends on IC used, can vary from +/-10 to 17V


  • $2.22 for PCB
  • $2.37 for parts kit
  • $8.78 for full kit bundle w/ TI 5534
  • $9.91 for full kit bundle w/ Phillips 5534
  • $9.58 for full kit bundle w/ TI LM4971

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