Bearcat 412 Discrete Mic Preamp

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The Bearcat 412 kit provides (almost) everything you need to build four classic, discrete mic preamps in a 1RU chassis. The kit was designed to be built as a class project for university students, and is as such fairly straightforward. The full kit includes the chassis, front panel, PCBs, pre-assembled GLK255 discrete opamps, components, power supply, and connectors. The builder only needs to source the proper transformers.


  • Accepts transformers from Ed Anderson (ClassicAPI), Sowter, and Cinemag
  • 8-segment LED VU meters
  • Pre-wired XLR connectors
  • Custom chassis with all holes pre-drilled
  • Silk screened front panel
  • Output attenuator for driving preamps hard

Price: Sadly discontinued


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