AX84 P1 Low-Watt Guitar Amp

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The P1 is a simple, low-watt tube guitar amp developed by the AX84 amp building community. The circuit is based on the classic “practice” amps of the 50’s and 60’s such as the Fender Champ. It is based around a single 12AX7 and a single power tube for 5 watts of power. The P1-eXtreme adds an octal power tube, master volume control, and higher rail voltages for a bigger sound and more volume. While this can be built as a true, point-to-point DIY project on perf or turret board, kits are also available.


  • 12Ax7 preamp tube
  • EL84 or SV83 power tube
  • Low-wattage is great for recording a high-gain sound at moderate vlume
  • Bass, Mid, and Treble tone controls
  • Single gain/volume knob

Price: Up to you!

More Info:

  • Check out the AX84 community’s website.
  • Kits available from Doberman Amps.