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Pier Pablo Abbate’s I/O board is one of the most customizable and flexible examples available, with an ability to be used in numerous applications- either as a standalone instrument/line amplifier, or as a building block for designs in need of balanced interfacing. Accommodations are made for both transformer and transformerless output, and the use of either IC or discrete op-amps.

app studio ing i/o board diy recording equipment


  • Includes balanced-to-unbalanced receiver; balanced driver/makeup gain stage
  • Op-amp footprints are compatible with DIP-8 ICs (TL0x2, OPA2134, 5532, etc.) or 2520-footprint discrete op-amps (2520, 990, etc.)
  • Transformer slot size can accommodate most well-known brands (incl. Jensen, Cinemag, Ed Anderson/ClassicAPI)


  • 18EUR+3% per PCB

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