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The Double Six is designed for a wide range of clean tones. Many amps are voiced for maximum gain, and have a narrow range of clean tones, but the Double Six is voiced the other way around. So you get fully independent Treble, Middle and Bass controls that sacrifice gain and distortion for a wider range of tone control (FYI, it’s a James tone stack combined with a mid-notch).
As a result, the Double Six has a very wide clean repertoire – moreso than any other Amp Maker kit. It also takes pedals very well – from distortion stomp-boxes to reverb/echo/chorus multi-FX. If that’s not enough, the power amp’s flexibility adds even more tonal range: it ships with two 6V6 valves, but it will also run with one or two 6L6s; or one 5881/EL34/KT66/KT77/KT88.



  • 1W/6W/12W switchable power output
  • 6V6/6L6/EL34/KT77/KT88 output valves
  • Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass controls
  • Fat switch (for thickening up single coils)
  • Boost switch (for maximum gain)
  • 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs
  • 120V (US or 240V (EU)



  • ¬£999

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