AMI C12 Tube Condenser Mic

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AMI C12 Tube Condenser Mic
Following on the success of their <a href=[wiki-url]ami-u47-classic-modern/" target="_blank">U47 Classic and Modern kits</a>, AMI has announced DIY kits for AKG C12 reproduction microphones. The kit provides the body, grille, and structure to build a replica of the classic C12 microphone. <img src="" alt="ami c12 kit" title="C12Kitweb" width="300" height="225" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-3868" /> <strong>Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Identical to the C12 design except for:</li> <ul> <li>Neumann-style capsule holder</li> <li>7-Pin Binder connector</li> <li>Original impedance-switching board replaced by transformer mounting board</li> </ul> <li>Head basket identical to original</li> <li>Comes with TAB Funkenwerk T14 transformer</li> <li>Builders must source their own tube, capsule, components, connector cable, and power supply </ul> <strong>Price:</strong> To be announced <strong>More Info:</strong> <ul> <li>Distributed by <a href="">TAB Funkenwerk</a></li> </ul>

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