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AC Sound’s DIP-8 discrete opamps take three classic DOAs and adapt them to the DIP8 format. Now you can upgrade any gear that uses monolithic (IC) opamps with your favorite DOA! Of course, every project will have it’s own size constraints, so AC Sound will offer each opamp in both “tall” and “wide” formats. Because DOAs generally take more current than monolithic opamps, you may need to upgrade your power supply along with the opamps.
acsound dip8 discrete opamp

  • Three types will be offered:
    • “M”: Based on the 60’s Melcor 1731
    • “A”: Based on a classic 70’s design
    • “J”: Based on a low-distortion, high-gain design published in 1980
  • Available in “wide” and “tall” formats
  • Can be used to upgrade mixers, consoles, compressors, eqs, preamps, summing amps, converters, etc.

Sound Samples: The following clips were run through an API-based preamp with early Cinemag transformers. The first clip employs a monolithic LM318 opamp while the second uses the “A” type AC Sound DIP8 DOA.

Price: $5 for PCB
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