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The 511 is a DIY rackmount chassis in the style of the API 500-series racks. The 511 fits 11 spaces in 3RU with an external power supply. The 51x power supply provides the VPR standard +48v and +/-16v as well as +/-24v power rails for Neve, John Hardy circuits, etc. 511 racks do accommodate standard API 500-series modules.

Images courtesy of [silent:arts] and Hairball Audio

Notable Features:

  • 18-pin card edge connectors deliver +/-16v or +/-24v power rails
  • Fits 11 single-space modules
  • Dedicated 2RU chassis for power supply
  • Power rails provide 1.5A of current each
  • Compatible with all 500-series modules


  • $320 for rack kit
  • $31 for power connector set
  • $30 for power supply PCB
  • $57 for toroidal power transformer
  • $185 for 2RU power supply case and front panel
  • $45 for heatsink kit
  • $94 for electrical wiring bundle
  • $115 for power supply components bundle

Adjusted Cost: $877

Since the power supply parts are offered separately, builders are free to source their own rack cases, electronic components, heatsinks, etc. and may save some money doing so.  Adding up all of the offerings above, however, we get an adjusted price of $877.

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  1. I bought one of those used and it keeps blowing fuses… anyone know what that can be?

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