1073 Lite Mic Preamp/Eq

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1073 Lite Mic Preamp/Eq
The 1073 "lite" is a Neve 1073-style mic preamp and equalizer for the 500-series and 51x Alliance formats from designer Bruno2000. Unlike the the <a href="[wiki-url]ez1073-500-diy-neve-preamp/">EZ1073 500</a> project, this project manages to fit a basic 1073 circuit in a one-space module. It achieves this by skipping the line-input and filters of the original and stripping the high and low-shelves down to two frequencies each. [gallery link="file"] <strong>Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Uses Carnhill and Ed Anderson replicas of the orginial Neve transformers</li> <li>Compatable with both the API 500-series racks and the <a href="[wiki-url]51x-alliance-511/">51x 511</a></li> <li>Designed for Bourns pots and Grayhill switches</li> <li>11 mid-band frequency options</li> </ul> <strong>Price:</strong> TBA <strong>More Info:</strong> <ul> <li>Keep an eye on <a href="http://www.groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=44113.0" target="_blank">Bruno2000's forum thread</a> for availability</li> <li>Available fully assembled from Atlanta Pro Audio http://atlantaproaudio.com/index.php/joe-neil-1073-lite-500-series.html </ul>

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